Air Stream understands the importance of air conditioning & heating to your business, not
only for your employees, but also the general public.

Employers who have offices with a lot of staff and computers all generating heat will find
air conditioning a must to improve their environment and productivity.

Apart from the cooling effect of air conditioning, it is also the cheapest form of heating.
With the right air conditioning system for your particular application, you can now have
steady state conditions all year round, especially with the use of ducted heating.

Depending on the commercial application, we can supply and install a broad range of
equipment suited to your businesses needs. We also service and maintain equipment for property owners and property managers. Air Stream can provide after hours service to minimise interruption to your operation.

Air and water cooled ducted package unit systems are available for large commercial applications.  These are complete with rigid ductwork, zoning, electric reheats and customised BMS type controls for optimum conditions. Air Stream also specialise in critical temperature and humidity units used in computer/server room applications.

Services Include